Monday, August 13, 2012

We Will Rock You!

Hi All!

I hope that you are having a relaxing last week or so before the crazies school begins! I am busy as a bumble bee trying to get everything prepared for my classroom. What all are you doing to prepare for the new year? Please share ideas…I love to hear ways to make my classroom run more smoothly, and (of course) look cuter! Speaking of cute, I wanted to post my Rock Star themed behavior posters for you to see. Apparently I am going clothespin crazy, because I dyed a bunch with Rit dye the other day to make them less boring and I am thinking of adding the students names to them and having them on each side of the poster and moving them either up or down as needed, as their behavior changes throughout the day/week (like the traditional color changes). It’s a GREAT way for the students to be constantly reminded of their behavior (without me having to do it). LOL! Click on any of the links to go to my TpT store and snag your own copies (ONLY $1.50 for all!). Also included in that file are “Celebrity of the Week”, “Rock Star of the Week”, “Standing Ovation”, and Encore Performances” posters to be used on a bulletin board for displaying Student of the Week and student work that is worthy of being displayed.

Rock Star Staus Rock On! Losing Fans (550x425) All Tour Dates Cancelled



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