Monday, August 20, 2012

“Owl”dorable Critics Corner

My classroom last year was done up in owls…I just think they are so cute and there are so many teaching and room decorations out there these days that have owls on them…so it was easy the fall in love with them. That’s how I felt when I found these “owl”dorable owls, so I just had to make something with them. I had already decided that I want to put a Critics Corner in my classroom this year because I am going to really be asking the students to put a lot of thought in their reading this school year. What better way than to have a Critics Corner where students can leave book reviews on the books they have just read; recommending them to others by using a star rating system! Set includes 3 posters, 1 Star Rating Chart and a book review form for the students to use to fill out their critique. I am looking forward to using this in my classroom and I hope you like it too! Click on any pic below to go to the download.

Critic Corner Poster Books I Recommend PosterStar Rating Chart Poster

Hootin’ and Hollerin’!!


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