Monday, June 11, 2012

Cute Classroom Stool

I am very, very excited to be entering the blogging world! It is definitely in a ‘”class” of its own! You will be hearing from me and my teacher bestie, Brande throughout this blog adventure. We work together and have lots to share with you, so we decided to go on this journey at the same time by creating “sister blogs”…. so be sure to check Brande’s blog out at . I am so excited about the possibility of getting to chat with some of you that I have been blog stalking for the last 6 months or so!! ((ha, ha !!)

To get us started I thought that I would post the first thing (stool) that I have created for my Rock Star themed classroom for this upcoming school year; not too shabby for only being on summer break one week if I do say so myself!

Now, what you must understand about this stool is that it was very FUNKY (and I don’t mean in a good way). The teacher before me dumped left it for me and so I used it in the sad condition that it was in this entire year. HOWEVER, I knew that this misfit was not coming into my classroom this upcoming school year without a makeover! As I was obsessing looking at Pinterest late one night (yes, I’m a night owl!) I saw an idea for an adorable red, white, and black stool (perfect timing right?) so, I attempted to remake my sad stool into a beauty, I love the results!



  1. Old or new wooden stool
  2. Acrylic Paints
  3. Various Sized Paintbrushes                
  4. scrapbooking papers
  5. Mod Podge (or click here for a DIY)
  6. Feather Boa
  7. Crystals (optional)
  8. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  9. Scissors




Make a plan first! Do you want all of the spindles to be covered in scrapbooking papers? Do you want to paint some and decoupage some (like I did)? Boa or no boa? Crystals or no crystals?

Once you have a picture of what you want in your head (or if you are visual like me, drawn out) proceed.

1. Paint all of the sections that you want painted FIRST * this is a very important step that I wish I would have done!! ugh! Let paint dry.

2. Next, measure and cut your scrapbooking paper for the spindles or legs that you would like to cover. *Note: make sure that when you measure that you slightly overlap your seams and make sure that the seams are on the bottom of each spindle when you glue.

Also, if you want a monogram or any other scrapbooking paper on your stool, now is the time. I just created my circle monogram in MS Word and printed it out on bright orange printer paper and backed it with blue printer paper and put that on top of yet another circle from my zebra scrapbooking paper.

3. Once measured and cut, spread a thin coating of Mod Podge on the back of each piece of scrapbooking paper and adhere it to the stool in the desired spot. Do this for all of your scrapbooking paper, one at a time (Mod Podge dries fast)

4. If everything looks like you want it to, go ahead and get a large brush and Mod Podge the entire stool, paint and all. Let it completely dry and do it again. * Note: it will look foggy when applying but dries crystal clear, so no worries! Whew!

5. When dry, turn the the stool upside down and with your glue gun, glue the boa to the edge of the seat part of the stool. Make sure that you go all the way to the outside edge.

6. If desired, hot glue crystals around the edge of the seat, right above the boa.

Viola! You are done! From funky to fab!!

Happy crafting!



Hope King said...

LOVE this!!! I have a chair that is very similar. Now I need to go paint a stool! Super Cute!


Amanda said...

Thanks Hope!

I am so excited that you are one of the first two to follow me! EEK! I am sure you remember what it was like to check your blog and see that someone liked your's thrilling! I love your blog as well and am now a follower! Looking forward to chatting more in the future!


Mrs. Dwyer said...

I *HEART* that stool! Looks fantastic! Welcome to Blogland!

Mrs. Dwyer’s A+ Firsties

Amanda said...

Thanks Tanya! Thanks for following me as well!

Happy Summer!


Valerie Molina said...

too cute.. thanks for sharing :)

FourthGrade Flipper said...

I LOVE your stool and am so glad to see that you used scrapbook paper!! I am not too crafty but I do scrapbook. I want to redo my stool and cannot paint a design. This is perfect! Thank you for the inspiration!!
Fourth Grade Flipper

Amanda said...

Valerie and Holly,
Hi, thanks for the compliments on the stool. It was pretty easy to do and Holly, I can tell you I can not paint designs worth a flip scrapbook paper was the only way that I could get the animals prints that I wanted for my "rock star" theme. :-) Would love to see pics if you try it yourself.

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